Wil and Karen in Taiwan

Monday, May 22, 2006

Yvonne and Judy

These are two girls in my 2A class. Judy, in the foreground, is wearing her school uniform. The girls' uniforms are pink, and the boys' (hold on to your hats, this will be shocking) are blue. Judy is also in another one of my classes (2B). I have a few students like that--it messes up my game. She's cute though, as most of my students are (I use the word 'most' quite deliberately.) Yvonne is VERY quiet, but one of those girls who gets perfect marks and has very high neatness standards as far as written work goes. It is funny to teach little girls like that, when I just wasn't one of them. "You actually USE erasers...?" As you can see, Yvonne = also very cute.

Wil's most recent purchase

Wil and I passed this store in a cab once, and we simply HAD to go and buy a mah-jong set. They even had a set with pictures of naked people on some of the tiles. I would have called it 'erotic', except that it wasn't, especially. Now, we just have to find someone to teach us how to play....

Friday, May 19, 2006


These photos were taken from an MRT station (Xinhai--one stop away from Wanfang Hospital, which is our stop.) The first time I was in Taiwan, I tried trekking up into this cemetery just because I found the design of the tombs so intriguing. Not too respectful, I suppose, but here I am taking pictures...AND YOU ARE LOOKING AT THEM!!! I was bitten by so many bugs that I couldn't identify that I started to get really worried, so I didn't go too far. So, nowadays, I remain at a safe distance. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tomb-Sweeping Day

This photo finally got published. Like most things in my life, it involved much cursing and frustration. I have still not managed to publish the other ones, but I have not yet finished cursing....


I have tried to post some photos of the cemetery near our house a couple of times now (why, yes, yes I AM morbid...) and have never had much success. So, just to let you know, we have not abandoned the blog--I have simply not come near it out of exasperation.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yeah, it is too hot here

So, I got a haircut. Nothing much to say about it, except that it is interesting to note that the hair on my back (above my collar) is now longer than the hair on the back of my neck... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April = August

I know I'm recycling a post title here, but it is fully appropriate. The only difference between April in Taipei and summer on the beach in Harrison is the shorter day here and the, well, nature in Harrison. The pavement radiates heat back up your nose the same way sand does, and going to work feels just a wrong. I'm looking forward to getting up at 5am tomorrow morning for dragonboat practice. At least then the temperature is humane. A/C is a dear, dear friend here, and all my students dread having to carry a jacket to my classes as I try as best I can to have my classroom simulate a meat locker. Haven't found hooks, yet.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Heavenly Snacks

Just a quick note: I'm eating a bag of potato treats. They are called "Lonely God." Pics ASAP.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If you don't know what this is, we're not going to tell you. Posted by Picasa

Being a Foreigner

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The seven-year-old in me is SO excited right now!!! Kangaroos have always been on my top 10 list of like, BEST ANIMALS EVER. Man, I used to be so jealous of Australia--they have the best animals (WOMBATS!!!!!) Posted by Picasa

We would like to take this moment to remind you all of the strict NO STRIDING rule..... Posted by Picasa

I want to dangle some tissue paper on a string....

Man, the tigers were pretty hot. But as I remember, people were standing around making noises at them....that's just wierd. Posted by Picasa


For some reason, both of the pictures we took of this little guy have the glary shine in his eyes. I mean, he was creepy enough just normally. Check out those horns! Posted by Picasa

Orangutans in the Rain...

At the other end of this big loggy thing, there is an even larger orangutan. They do not like getting wet--in fact, when animal handlers have to bathe them, they bite and scratch. Normally, I would not find them quite so interesting, but one of the readings I taught (twice, because I have two classes that use the same book) was called "How to Babysit an Orangutan". It was about some orangutan orphanage in Borneo. Apparently they get poached a lot because they are so....cute. Posted by Picasa

Taipei Zoo

Some kind of monkey. Sorry--we went there like, a month ago and it's hard to remember all the animals' names. What I DO remember is that it was raining pretty hard, and that there is this strange (and by 'strange', I mean 'strange and creepy') mall near it, where I ate (or rather, DIDN'T eat) some of the most SUSPECT food I have ever encountered....I mean, at least the street vendors will TELL you that you are eating gizzards...(well, they don't have to--their refrigerated glass case "displays" do it all....) I like the zoo--despite all the moral misgivings I have about it. Especially the owls. Owls are awesome. Posted by Picasa